Color Orbs

Make your own


Change the settings below and click the ‘Re-Draw Orb’ button to update the image above. Or just hit the 'Randomize' button until you find one you like! The Image Snapshot button saves an image of the current state of the animation. Click 'Record Movie' to download an MP4 video of your Color Orb (it takes a minute to record and save it).

Colors & Patterns


thin dense


smooth turbulent


dark light


calm chaotic

Random Seeds

Used in the randomized parts of the algorithm. Changing these will change the random outcomes, especially the Perlin seed.

DNA Code

Each Color Orb has a unique DNA; an encoded version of its settings. If you find a planet you love, you can save its DNA and paste it here and click the 'Re-Draw Orb' button to re-create it later.

Save or share this orb

Copy and paste this URL to share it elsewhere or to load this orb in the future.